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The Bird of Paradise Approach to Music

My sister says she always thought the bird of paradise flower symbolized a bird in flight, flying up and away from the leaves of the plant. Filmmaker Luis de la Parra says that the bird of paradise flower represents a bird whose head is lowered, drinking nectar from the plant.

I love the idea that they are both right. That the bird represented by the flower is simultaneously seeking nourishment and taking flight. Love that these two concepts can be captured by one blossom.

This whole bird of paradise conundrum made me think more deeply about the nutrients we all need to stay aloft, and that we seek that nutrients in all kinds of ways; from food of course, but also from love, art, sunlight, literature, music, chance encounters, small pleasures, unexpected challenges…

Lately, I’ve been seeking nutrients from my music itself. Mixing a new album, I’ve found myself returning to the work not out of passion or inspiration, but out of sheer discipline. And each time I sit down to a session, I come away with a booster shot of energy. I drink from the music, and am suddenly ready to take flight… or at least to tackle the day ahead.

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