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Artist. Performer. Creator.

Hailed as "impossible to resist," and "charming as hell," by the Montreal Gazette, "terrific!" by the New York Times, "gorgeously imagined," by Montreal's The Visitorium, "guaranteed to impress," by Victoria's Check the Program, and "prolific, inventive, and magical," by The Leader; Phina Pipia's work consistently crosses boundaries between genres and mediums. 

From live shows to illustrations, music to movement; Phina uses art as a language to communicate stories, and to explore life's beauty, pain, and strangeness. 

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Ha Ha Da Vinci

Developed in residence at Centrum Foundation for the Arts, Ha Ha Da Vinci is a solo work that explores the relationship between Leonardo da Vinci and his friend, Magician and Mathematician, Luca Pacioli. 

The show asks the question, "how was Leonardo's quest to fly and informed and inspired by Luca's quest to fool?"


Expect songs about rocket ships and elephants, broken hearts, old bathrobes, and the troubles with having an excess of magical doves. 

A classically-trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Phina's work is characterized by rich vocals, non-traditional instrumentation, and inventive lyrics that cut straight to the heart.   


Discover illustrations, sketches, paintings, and visual imaginings.

Working in watercolor and gouache, acrylic, and pen and ink, these pieces lead viewers into worlds that are colorful, fantastical, and strange.  

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