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Be Part of the Vanishing Act...

A Magicians’ Bid to Make One Incurable Disease Disappear

This December 28th, incredible magical talent will gather in Port Townsend, Washington for one unforgettable event: a live-streamed illusion showcase raising funds for the Huntington's Disease Society of America.

What's it All About?

This past summer, professional magician, Joey Pipia was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease (HD); a rare, inherited, neurological terminal condition for which there is no treatment and scientists have yet to find a cure. 

Vanishing Act is a chance to celebrate hope and raise awareness around what is considered one of America’s #1 unmet medical needs. Organized by Joey, his two daughters, and their amazing community of friends and fellow performers, the show is a way of focusing on the joy of illusion and the magic of great live performance. It's only together that we can laugh, fool, and fight for healing.

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Your Role is Essential




Join a lineup of world-class entertainers coming together for a healing cause.

Put your logo front and center while making a difference.

Join in the production and organization of this illusionist extravaganza (no experience needed!).

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Let’s Make This Event Wow-Worthy!

To make Vanishing Act truly outstanding, we need your skills, funding, passion, talent. We’ll be putting on a dynamite show, but it will be better with you involved. 

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