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Wading Into the Deep

Photo by Jason Squire

I love this photo of my tuba lantern caught cattywampus, swinging wayyy off to the side. This photo shoot was many months before the first Ha Ha Da Vinci show, when there were a million unfinished scenes, props, and ideas. When I wasn’t even sure the show was really worth finishing.

It’s February now. I’m about to embark on a second summer tour of the show, and knee deep in the development of a series of new bits to add to the production. My apartment is strewn with shadow puppets, disassembled vintage radios, squares of silk for a new “escape” scene, additional jumping sheep, new and improved Vitruvian Man heads that rotate 360 degrees (a huge breakthrough!), glue, tape, cardboard boxes, and lots and lots of notes.

Yet again, I’m carrying that tuba lantern out into freezing water, the lantern swinging wildly too and fro, searching for those brief moments when I know that at my fingertips, there truly is something worth wading just a little deeper for.

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