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Ha Ha Da Vinci Tour Day 1: Lift Off!

What a day! Took off this morning for 4 months of Ha Ha Da Vinci shows across the US and Canada. The car is absolutely overflowing with set, props, costumes, and instruments. First leg: Port Townsend, Washington to Orlando, Florida!

Driving off the Olympic Peninsula I felt that old, familiar sense of combined excitement and terror that seem to bubble up before any significant and meaningful undertaking; a part of me ready to leap into the air with joy, and a part of me quite certain the best course of action is to pull over, and climb under a rock.

Of course, the only real choice is to keep driving. To trust that the months - years - of preparation are themselves a success. To lean into the magic of the road ahead. To believe that there is joy and laughter and discovery around the next bend.

And here's to the road ahead! To the stories about to be lived, to the discoveries waiting to be made, to the friends ready to be met, to all the songs about to be shared.

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