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Ha Ha Da Vinci: Tour Day... Have Lost Count!!

This week, I found myself driving from Seattle to Montana along I-90 West with one E flat sousaphone in my trunk, and then - just 72 hours later - driving from Maine to Minnesota along I-90 East with… an entirely different E flat sousaphone in my trunk. So grateful to be on the road playing shows, even if it occasionally means negotiating a truly bonkers travel schedule!

Right now, I'm in the attic of a little house in Minnesota, feeling painfully lonely. It's the fascinating emotional roller coaster of solo touring that you will sometimes find yourself briefly staying with people you have known for decades, days later find yourself entirely isolated, and then shortly after that meet someone entirely new who will become a lifelong friend. I am learning to ride out the lonely stretches knowing that there are good times around the corner, but they are undeniably hard moments.

Until next time :)

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