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Ha Ha Da Vinci Tour Day 8: Rest Required

After a pit stop in sleepy Abilene, Kansas (where we ate delicious breakfast burritos in the sun outside our motel, gazed at the world's biggest belt buckle, and nobly decided not to eat ice cream) and another at a roadside hotel in Missouri (where the hotel clerk allowed us the last room - his own, and Paco got engrossed in conversation with the proprietors of a christian cafe, and I woke Paco up in the morning announcing delightedly that everyone I had spoken to had a wonderful accent, to which Paco replied "maybe you have the accent", and I fretted about the wellbeing of my hundred-and-twenty-two essential props) we decided it was time to spend a few nights in one place.

We landed at the side of a lake near the Kentucky-Tennessee border, giddy at the thought of sleeping in and delighted by the idea of time to do some show maintenance and sleep in.

Last night, we took a quick trip into Nashville and strolled along poking our heads into music venues. Then, we happily returned to our temporary home where we'll be art-making country bumpkins for another 24 hrs.

Here's to much needed rest and time off the beaten track.

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