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Ha Ha Da Vinci Tour Day 39: Beyond Tired

Just a wee article here at 12:23 am EDT on the note of complete exhaustion. I am 100% pooped, and so excited to climb into bed. The kind of tired that creeps up on you when you are on the road, with a show behind you and a show in front of you.

I worked with a choreographer who said that when you are absolutely exhausted, just melt. Don't push against it, instead, let all that exhaustion work in your favor. I think about that sometimes in the wings before I go out onstage, when I feel particularly beat. "Just melt" I say to myself. And it works.

With that, good night! Going to brush my teeth and put my pajamas on and climb into bed here in Montréal so that tomorrow I can step back into that show... and if need be, melt.

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