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Ha Ha Da Vinci Tour Day 33: A Tuba in Montreal!

Woman with a sousaphone in a music practice room
Practicing the tuba at Studio 365 in Montreal.

When you walk down the street with a tuba in Montreal, people stop you and ask you to be in their brass bands. When you walk down the street with a tuba in Montreal, people lean out of car windows and shout, "Je t'aime!"

A tuba. A tuba. Oh ticket to conversation, to friendship, to love, to rhythm, to community.

A mural of three doves, that reads "amour, paix"
Can't get over how beautiful the murals are here - and how many of them there are!

I've spent time in Montreal, but never with a tuba. Strolling down the Mont Royal, sousaphone on my shoulder, listening to french conversations I only half understand, on my way to play music in a studio just a short metro ride away, has to be about as close to total bliss as I have ever come.

The best thing about it is that here I feel seen and celebrated, but in the best possible company. In Montreal, I am not surprised when I look up and a double bass player is strolling my way, wheeling their own enormous, beautiful instrument towards me. Here, I am a tubist among metaphorical tubists, a wild artist among wild artists, at home in a crowd of creatives.

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