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On the Brink of Adventure

Updated: May 1, 2023

Photo Credit: Jason Squire

So stoked to be writing this from my car as the sun sets, en route to some of my all-time favorite cities, and some places I've never been before. I feel so fortunate to be poised at the beginning of such an adventure, and am so looking forward to sharing this production with audiences across the US and Canada.

Here's an outline of the upcoming show dates (more details in the coming days!):

Orlando, FL: May 17 - 22

Montreal, QC: June 8 - 18

Trego, MT: July 22 - 23

Minneapolis, MN: August 3 - 12

Edmonton, AB: August 17 - 27

Port Townsend, WA: September 7 - 9

The first leg of the journey is from Port Townsend, Washington (wayyyyy up on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula) allll the way across to Orlando, Florida (at this particular moment, driving through Meridian, Idaho en route to Salt Lake City, Utah).

After Orlando, the trip turns northward-bound to Montreal, Quebec for a two-week run of the show in the beautiful Studio Multimedia du Conservatoire, which looks like the kind of beautiful dance theater in which Ha Ha Da Vinci was meant to be performed.

After Montreal, I'll make a stop in Maine to study with Avner the Eccentric - I am so grateful to be able to attend one of his weeklong workshops in person, and so excited to explore new ways of looking at the Ha Ha Da Vinci show.

From Maine, I'll dash across to tiny and spectacular Trego, Montana to play the Backwoods Accordion Festival with the band, Kozmopolis, and then turn around and head back to Minnesota for a run at the gorgeous Southern Theater in Minneapolis.

Finally, it's a jaunt up to Edmonton for a run in the French Quarter and then...south... back to beautiful Port Townsend, Washington for a final weekend of shows for folks I love so much.

It feels absolutely beautiful to be on the road again. Hugs!


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