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Ha Ha Da Vinci

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Developed in residence at the Centrum Arts Foundation and funded through a grant from the Port Townsend Arts Commission, Ha Ha Da Vinci is a one-woman show that tells the story of Leonardo da Vinci and his friend and collaborator, Luca Pacioli. 

Luca Pacioli was an Italian mathematician and magician who authored the first book on sleight of hand magic. From his book, you could learn everything from how to make an egg dance across a table to how to juggle fire. The book was illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci. 

Written and performed by Phina Pipia, the show uses elements of magic, mentalism, dance, and music to tell a story of friendship, creativity, and innovation. The show asks the question, "how was Leonardo's quest to fly informed and inspired by Luca's quest to fool?"