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Ha Ha Da Vinci

A little more about the show...

Winner of the San Diego International Fringe Festival's "Outstanding Solo Performance Award", the Vancouver Fringe Festival's "Joanna Maratta Award", and named a "Top Fringe Pick" by KPBS San Diego, Ha Ha Da Vinci is the critically-acclaimed solo production from performer Phina Pipia, who has been hailed as "terrific" by the New York Times, "impossible to resist" by the Montreal Gazette, and "mesmerizing" by the San Diego Union Tribune.

Step into a world
Where anything is possible

A tuba lights the way, beds make music, and a radio comes to life with a hidden message from the the past in a whimsical production that combines elements of illusion, music, and theater. When a young grad student discovers that Leonardo da Vinci and his collaborator, magician and mathematician Luca Pacioli, invented the first time machine, she is accidentally zapped back to the renaissance, and it’s up to her to decode their notes to solve a 16th century mystery, and return to the present. 

Basic specs

Run time: 50 min

Genre: Illusion, Music, Theater

Number of Performers: 1

Audience: All ages

Stage Minimum Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 12

Tech support needed: 1 technician

Best Theater Type: Any (other than in-the-round)

Open Booking Dates: 2024

Awards: Outstanding Solo Performance (San Diego International Fringe), Top Fringe Pick (KPBS San Diego), Joanna Maratta Award for Creative Development (Vancouver Fringe Festival), Critic's Pick Best Solo Musical (Orlando Fringe), Artist's Pick Award (Minnesota Fringe), Golden Lanyard Award (Minnesota Fringe), Nominee: Best Anglophone Show (Segal Performing Arts Centre, Montréal Fringe), Spectacle Exceptionnel de Clowns (Montreal Clown Festival, Montreal Fringe)

Tech, stage, & set plan

Designed to be set and struck within a 15 minute window by a single performer, Ha Ha Da Vinci has a high wow-factor, low-impact set. The show has primarily been performed in proscenium and black box theater environment, but is designed to work in non-traditional spaces as well. Some details to keep in mind: 

Stage Requirements:


Minimum stage width: 22 feet

Minimum stage depth: 14 feet

Minimum stage height: 12 feet

Audience Placement: 

The show is enjoyed best when audience is placed in front of the stage so that they can take in the action onstage. The show cannot be performed in-the-round. 

Tech Requirements:


there are sound cues in Ha Ha Da Vinci that are essential to the flow of the show, a sound technician is a must for this production. 

Set Plan and Dimensions:


Looking to get an even better feel for the show? Have a read through the script below!

Please note that Ha Ha Da Vinci has a high proportion of illusion, physical theater, and music. That means the script has a lot of descriptive text. If you're interested in booking Ha Ha Da Vinci and would prefer to view an uncut full-length video of the show, drop me a line and I can send you a link for that.  

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Looking to book Ha Ha Da Vinci at a theater near you? Or - just as awesome - a modified version of the show at a library, science center, or art gallery?

Drop a quick message in the chat below and I'll be right in touch!

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